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Welcome to the office of Dr. Tate

Providing exceptional medical care to our community

For over 20 years, Dr. Tate has been providing internal medicine services to the Welshmore region.


We care about preventative health check ups. It’s the cornerstone of good health practices.


Our medical center is open 24/7 to treat emergency situations.


We offer extensive telehealth options so you can meet with Dr. Tate remotely.

Meet the Staff

Marta is our lively office manager. She’s here to ensure that you have a pleasant visit to our office.

Marta Dan

Jin is our PA of over 8 years. He’s committed to providing you with the highest level patient care possible.

Jin Lee

Healthcare that matters

We think that providing continuity of treatment to patients of all ages through regular visits and screenings can considerably improve their health.

Dr. Tate will assist you in maintaining your health by ensuring that you obtain appropriate preventative screenings and, depending on your situation, access to more sophisticated care.

We emphasize illness prevention and wellness, including nutrition and exercise, as well as effective diagnosis and treatment of chronic disorders including diabetes and heart disease.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver great medical care and a positive patient experience that is affordable to all in the community.

We handle all non-life threatening injuries and illnesses, as well as workers’ compensation, occupational medicine, physical examinations, and minor medical procedures.

Our clinic provides medical services for a wide range of common illnesses and we are open seven days a week for your convenience.